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HACHI / DUNE ft. Miku Hatsune

If you want, there's a normal version sang by Hachi (Kenshi Yonezu).

flower / 命ばっかり(Nothing but Life)

It's a neat song. I'm sure there's a non-vocaloid version by Eve. Pretty sure the song is something about depression

GUMI / R.I.P In the Gossip Sea

This song is pretty good. I like the art style of the video, and I like the fast paced instrumentals in the song.

Mafumafu / Hello Dystopia ft. Ren & Len

The song's is nice. It's fast paced which is why I like it.

HACHI / Panda Hero

uh, the intro is nice. yep.

HACHI / Donut Hole

i think the lyrics are about being empty like a donut hole, thats what i remember a lyrics site saying.

HACHI / Matoryoshka

Holy fuck do I like this song, I like the (mildly) heavy instruments, the vocaloid, and the (mildly) fast paced song.

BRADIO / シークレットコード (Secret Code)

This is a nice song. I can't find lyrics only, because I'm lazy, but someone told me it was about love or something. I kinda forgot what it was exactly.

TV Girl / Hate Yourself

I really like the instrumentals and the way the guy sings. It's kinda chill compared to the other things in this list.

Foxygen / Follow the Leader

♫♪Follow the leader, and the leader is yooouu!!♪♫

The Lemon Twigs / As Long As We're Together

The lyrics are nice, I really like how the guy sings, and the instruments are nice.

Foxygen / Upon a Hill

I really like the intro, I wished the song was long because I liked it.

C2C / Delta

I like the instrumentals, which is the only thing in this song...

FUR / If You Know That I'm Lonely

Yeah, this song is nice.

The Lemon Twigs / These Words

This is also nice.

The Lemon Twigs / I Wanna Prove to You

"I want to prove to you!"

Car Seat Headrest / Fill In The Blank

I really like this guy. This isn't my favorite song by him but it's up there.

Car Seat Headrest / Drunk driving/Killer Whales

This song is also a good one by him.